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Quranic Studies

The Quranic Studies is divided into two periods.  The first period is for students to be able to recite the Holy Quran, write Arabic letters & words from Quran and memorize a few surahs.  Teachers may review surahs & duas from previous years as necessary with their students.  The idea is to practice a lot.  Quality of learning and retention of knowledge by students will be preferred over quantity of material.
Second period will focus on meaning of surahs, tafseer and memorization of  short duas.  Study activity includes meaning of keywords in surahs, translation, stories behind revelation and how to apply in our daily lives.  Students will also learn how to perform wudu , call azaan & iqamah and lead salat by the time they complete elementary school (Grade 5).

For Quran recitation only, the students will be categorized into 4 distinct levels:

a) Level 1: Learn to read, write and pronounce the delivery of Arabic alphabets and vowels.

b) Level 2: Extend what is learned in Level 1 and join letters to form words in Quran

c) Level 3: Extend what is learned in Level 2 to form complete ayas in Quran.

d) Advance: Recite Quran fluently with Tajweed.

Teachers will evaluate students’ quality of recitation of the Quran and can form break-out sessions and groups in the class with TA’s help to encourage participation & engagement.  If a student needs additional help he/she will be placed in one of the above mentioned levels.


Islamic Studies

The school shall follow ‘I Love Islam’ book series from Grade 1 through Grade 5.  The ‘Islamic Studies’ book from the weekend learning series will be used from Grade 6 through Grade 11.  At the back of these books, there is week-by-week plan for the students.  The teachers will also receive a “teacher’s guide” in order to effectively deliver the content.  The 2nd objective is for boys to prepare for delivering ‘Khutbah’ & girls for ‘Dars’.